“The most obvious benefit for my son has been an increase in focus.  Taekwondo offers several blocks of time per week for him to focus on just one thing.  This leads to improved focus during studying, reading, and academic testing.”

– Andrew Lafferty, father of Team Fusion Member Caleb Lafferty.

Every kid wants to kick like a black belt, but not every kid has the motivation to do what it takes to get there.  It takes hard work and focus.  Through Master Pierce’s unique style of high energy classes filled with positive reinforcement your child will find that motivation.
“We teach our students to work hard for their goals and never lose focus, and when the work hard, their accomplishments will be their reward.”
– Master Pierce
Through the Kid Kick Program you will see changes in
*Attention Span & Focus
*Self-discipline & Respect
with the added benefits of Confidence and of course Self Defense.
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